I last wrote my autobio over three months ago. It was very stylized and I tried hard to be cool. Now I just don't care, but I feel that I should update.

The bay area is going well. I've since moved from Oakland to San Francisco where I live in a nice house in the Mission district.

I'm getting married to Jaime Sena on July 24th, and that will be awesome. She's also getting married to me.

I work at a studio/audio production facility called Mr. Toad's. There I record bands, master records, restore audio, answer a phone, transfertapes, take out the trash, order takeout, and try to keep all the gear running.

I play rock music with Replicator with the help of a bass guitar. Strangely enough, I've played both standard guitar and drums longer than I've played bass. Something new is stewing, too.

Give my regards to the captain,
ben adrian, 05.22.2004