Fender Telecaster   1989
Dec 1989 - present
My first guitar, bought by my parent for me for xmas of 1989. Black with white pickguard and maple fretboard. Still have and still used. I've replaced the pickups, switch, pickguard, and output jack. This pretty much is my all time favorite guitar.

Kramer Focus 2000   1980s
Dec 1990 - 1994 ish
Bought for me by Claudia. Candy apple red with rosewood fretboard and early Floyd Rose. I used it in jazz band. It was incredibly heavy. (Sold over net)

Polaris 335 copy
1992/93 - 96
I bought it as-is from Meridian Music, who got it in a trade. It was junk, but cool looking junk. Sold to Barry for $10.

Fender Mustang   1977
June 1993 - Fall '93
I bought this from Synthesizer music for $300 of graduation money. It was natural with black and chrome trim. Traded for Gibson Melody Maker.

Gibson Melody Maker. 1968
Fall 1993 - Late 1997
Traded from some guy in a metal band. It had hot rails. Pelham blue with rosewood fretboard. Headstock had been broken and replaced. I put on locking tuners. Sold to AMG when I got the 335-12. Stolen in 1999 or 2000 when someone opened Andrew's front door, grabbed it, and ran.

Fender Jaguar   1990s
Early 1995 - present
Metallic Red with matching headstock. I bought it from Joe of Floodlight. I put on a buzz stop, changed out the bridge pickup a bunch, and ended up modifying the wiring to had a series/parallel switch. The bridge pickup was a Duncan JB Jr. That pickup currently lives in Chris Bolig's Mustang. This guitar has been used onstage by both Ryan Olcott of 12Rods and Tom Herman, formerly of Pere Ubu.

Fender Jaguar   1990s
April 1996 - Late 1996
My second Jaguar. I bought from Grier Carson of the Mergrins. Identical to the first one, but it didn't play as well to me. I traded it to Jeremy Wrenn for a Jazzmaster. Jeremy later traded this Jaguar to the guy from Auburn Lull, and got a sunburts Jaguar in return.

Fender Jazzmaster   1990s
Late 1996 - Early 1998
I got this in trade from Jeremy Wrenn. Sunburts and tortoise shell. I think I upgraded the pickups. Traded for silverface Pro Reverb at Guitartown.

Epiphone Rivera   1990s
Late 1996 - April 1997
I bought this used at Meridian Music. Natural. It was a great guitar, but my Sunflower rack setup just didn't work with it. Sold to Damon/Smitten at the Anderson spacerock fest. I want it back!

Fender Budweiser Strat   1980s
Deccember 1996 - December 1996
I forget who I got this from. It was an American made flat top strat, rear routed, with a Floyd Rose and bridge humbucker. I bought it and immedeately spray-painted it silver and blocked the vibrato. I heard that Tim Ditchley was looking for a guitar for himself and his kids, so I passed the love on to him.

Gibson 335-12   1965ish
Late 1997 - summer 1999
I bought this at guitartown for $750 cash with a case. Sunburst. The fretboard binding had been replaced with maple wood, and the pickguard was missing. This was an awesome guitar, but it was a pain to bring an extra guitar and tune all 12 strings at shows when I only used it on maybe two songs that sounded nearly as good with a 6 string. I traded to Andy Carrell for an Epiphone Casino and a bunch of other stuff.

Rickenbacker 360   1997
March 1998 - 2011
Mapleglow. I bought this for myself for my 23rd birthday. This is one of the nicest guitars I've ever played in my life. I simply love it. I got it at cost from Andy Carrell at IRC music in Indy because there was finish damage. It still sounds and plays great, and if you're more than 10 feet away, looks perfect. SOld to Hansi, who swears he will keep it forever.

Parts Strat   1990s
October 1998- summer 1999
This was a seafoam with white trim and rosewood fretboard strat clone built by Andy Carrell. Rio Grande pickups. It played great and sounded great, but it wasn't my thing. I sold it on the sound list.

Fender VI reissue   1990s
Spring 1999 - 2001 (sold to jeremy)

Epiphone Casino   1998
Summer 1999 - June 2000
This was a metallic green Casino that I got in trade from Andy Carrell. It came from a NAMM show and only three were made in that color. It played amazing and sounded very cool, not to mention looked very nice. However, it didn't work for me at the time and I was saving money to move. I traded it to sergio vega when he was playing at my house. I got a Marshall DSL head, which I sold with ease for a lot of money.

Fender Jazzmaster   1990s
Winter 1999 - June 2000
Red with matching headstock. I bought it from that guitar store on 54th just east of College in Indianapolis. I never played it that much. I sold it to Nisa.

Fernandes Tele Custom   90s
August 2000 - Nov 2002
I traded my old van to Eric Shallop for this guitar. Black with a white pickguard and white binding. Maple fretboard, and he'd put a mini-humbucker in the neck, like Alan from Low. It played alright, but it just seemed a bit dull sounding. I sold it to some guy in bay area via Craigslist.

Teisco Del Ray Sharkfin   1960s
Late 2000 - March 2003
I bought this when I got to the bay area and was making a lot of money. I never really used it that much. I sold it to Conan.

Epiphone SG Jr.   2000s
Oct 2003 - March 2004
I bought this from Silverlake guitars in LA. Matt from Qui sold it to me. I used it for the AC/DC cover band and Cartographer. I then traded it to Erik Docktor for $100 credit toward a bike.

Epiphone Riviera 1990s
Nov 11, 2005 - Jan 19, 2008
Black. Won on E-bay froma shop in Salt Lake City. Sold to the singer from the band October Allied in Jan 2008.

Blueridge BR-63 Acoustic
Bought new from Starving Musician in 2006, I believe. Sold in March or April of 2008?

Bill-O-Tone Assquire
Version of the Fender Esquire with a hot rail pickup. Built by my friend Bill with a little work by me. Sold to a friend in Canada.

Fender Baja Telecaster
July 2008 - current
Bought used from Todd Grant

Epiphone Riviera
2009 - 2010, 2012-July, 2013
Red w/ duncan Mini Hums. Got at Guitar center. Sold to Vicshat in 2010. Bought back in 2012. Sold in 2013 to Colin Frangos

Electrical Guitar Company C500
Feb. 5, 2010 - current No. 368. Metallic dark blue. Very awesome.

Seagull Coastline Grand Parlor Guitar
2009 or 2010 - current
Steel string acoustic. I got it in 2009 or 2010.

Yamaha CG 142C
Nylon string classical. Got in early 2011, I think.

Fender Jazzmaster
Christmas gift from Claudia in 2012. Lake Placid Blue


Peavey Foundation   1990s
Dec 1996 - August 2000
Black with maple fretboard. Kate gave this to me when she got her Rickenbacker. I used it for demos and home recording and fill-ins for years, unitl I moved. Then I sold it

Danelectro DC   1990s
Late 2000 - 2001
I bought this from the El Cerrito Guitar Center not too long after I moved to California. It was cheap but sounded great. Not the best build quality, but it was mainly for home use. They I began playing with replicator and wanted something that felt a little more solid.

Fender Deluxe Active Jazz   1999
2001 - present
I bought a white one off ebay because I'd played Lela's black one and like it. She wanted a white one. I bought the white one and we traded. She liked the neck better on the black bass, so we swapped necks and pickguards. I'm left with a black bass, white pickguard, rodewood fretboard. I've beaten the crap out of it for 4 years now.

Fender Japanese '75 Reissue Jazz Bass
2010? to 2011
I got this in a trade. It was neat, but I rarely used it. Traded to Stephen.

Electrical Guitar Company Series 1 Bass 2011-current
Matches the guitar.


Roctek Flanger
First pedal, $20 new from Wilking Music. Plastic, crap, but sounded pretty good, in actuality. I overused it in Sunny Sea Heaven until I got a DOD flanger.

Dunlop Wah
Second pedal. X-Mas present in Dec of 1990. These should just be standard issue with everyone's first guitar. It's gone, I don't remember its fate at all.

DOD Digital Delay DFX91(no 1)
Third pedal. I got it for my birthday in March of 1991. I proceded to overuse it in Sunny Sea Heaven, especiall it's hold function. I believe Kate ended up with the pedal.

DOD Flanger
Replaced Roctek. Roctek got sold to Anna Fitzgerald's brother. I think the first show with this pedal was Sunny Sea Heaven in the Fall of '92 (early Brock show) at the house of Kathleen (parents out of town). It seemed so cool to have this flanger because I thought it was so much nicer than the Roctek. Given to Kate.

DOD Classic Fuzz
A suprisingly good fuzz pedal for it's price and time. I think I paid 20 or 30 bucks for it during an AMS closeout. Sold to Teevie.

DOD Gate/Loop
A noise gate. I remembre right after I got it Brock and I played some Helmet covers. I was happy with how tight my starts and stops were.

DOD Pedal Tray
All three of these items (fuzz, loop, tray) were purchased at the same time for me by my mom. Xmas of '92 I believe. The fuzz was sold to Teevie, the gate was sold at a guitar show, the tray became Kate's.

Boss Trem/Pan
Even in 1993 these were already secretly known as the shoegazer pedal to have. I bought it for $30 when Boss stopped making them and AMS was clearing them out. Still own., and the price has gone up about 500%.

Rolls Stereo Volume Pedal
It was $25 from the clearance table at Synthesizer Music. It was very fragile.Lost.

Digitech RP-1
Blowout priced from Meridian Music. This replaced my flanger, my delay, etc. However, it wasn't working for the older Sunny Sea Heaven songs, so I used my old pedals for shows. Sold to Barry, who went processor crazy!

DOD Phaser 401
Bought this for $20 from Authur's Music. Kate was there. She bought a newer style DOD phaser for $20 as well. Traded to my cousin Zach for an MXR Loop Selector.

Boss DS-1
First of many DS-1 pedals. I bought it at Cash America Pawn, which occasionally has some good deals. First, I used it in Lockstep as a booster. Then I used in the proto Sunflower Conspiracy bands because the RP-1 distortion sucked. I later sold to Southworth as he had it on long term loan and I never used in any longer.

Digitech Valve FX
I bought this in mid 1995 from Andy Carrell at IRC. It became my main sound source and the basis of my sound in SUnflower Conspiracy. Very soon after I got it I also got the Control One foot controller, and I set up a lot of crazy continuous sontroller patches, with like 6 or 7 parameters being adjusted at once. Still own, studio use only. It's my go to ambient guitar processor.

Nady Tube Overdrive
I got for free for helping Tim Bauman's band during a live radio show. Traded towards CE-3 and BF-2.

Electro Harmonix Small Stone
I bought this from Grier Carson in early 1996 for $20. It was sold in Oct of 1998 to Andy Carrell. The pedal was great, but it's from when I was deep in rach gear. Plus I had the Boss Phaser that fit into my tray.

3MS Tremulus Lune Rack
I had this made for me in early 1997. It had two discreet tremelos that sould act seperate or be switched to true stereo panning. It also has relay driven true bypass switching and a continuaous controller input. It was the ultimate tremolo for my rack setup. The modifications that I had done to this unit later became standard for the 3ms pedal. However, it lost too much volume when engaged and had reliability issues. Sold, I think? I forget what happened to it.

MXR Loop Selector
This was a freaky MXR pedal designed to A/B between two seperate signal chains, then passively re-combine the outputs. There were two big problems: one, if you ran it as above, you got the noise from both chains at all times, and two, if you ran it in reverse, you were passively splitting your guitar signal between two inputs. I traded the DOD Phaser to my cousin for this pedal. It was used by Andrew, but I took it when I moved. I currently use it as an A/B box in Replicator.

Boss Pitch Shift Delay
I bought this from Rob Fenter via Michael Swanson. It was noisy and weird. It was fun, bt not as useful as I'd liked. I sold over Net.

ProCo Vintage RAT
I got this at Dan's music with the DOD FX-9 Analog Delay. While I've always loved the way RATs sound when I'm playing at home, I've never been happy with them live. I traded it to Eric for a DS-1.

DOD Analog Delay FX9
I bought from Dan's music in Anderson when I got the RAT. It was a really good analog delay. I don't know where it went.

Boss DS-1 Distortion
The second one. I got in trade from Eric (who the immedeatly sold the RAT which was traded). I used it in Feedback Loop for a while until it got sold to Andrew.

Dunlop Rotovibe
I bought this over net. Used. It was not as cool as I hoped. It seems like such a good idea, though. I traded over the net for a CE-2 Chorus.

Ibanez Tubescreamer TS-5
The soundtank tubescreamer. I bought over the net. Modded. It's so cheap, who cares! Dig inside and make crazy things happen. It broke, the switch died. I believe I gave it to Andrew, who tried to put it in another box. Some kind of self oscillation caused it to burn up.

Boss Flanger BF-2
I bought this over Net from Joanna. AFter I realized I never used it, it was given to Matt Allen for his birthday in Oct of '98.

Boss Chorus CE-3
I bought this over Net from Joanna. Andrew bought the it when I got the CE-2.

Boss Chorus CE-2
Traded my Rotovibe for the CE-2 Chorus. I still have this pedal and it's still my favorite chorus.

Boss Pedal Tray.
Bought over the net. I used it for a long time in Feedback Loop. that's about all I remember. I still have it for my Cure tribute band that is bound to happen.

Digitech XP400 Reverberator
An interesting but not very good digital reverb pedal. I bought it from IRC via Andy Carrell the same day I got the Bass Overdrive. It went missing from my house after a party. I suspected the drummer from Shallow.

Boss Bass Overdrive
I bought from IRC via Andy Carrell. The Bass overdrive is kinda like a big muff meets a metal zone. I used it on guitar. Once I got my Mesa, this pedal became redundant. I forget where it went.

DOD Digital Delay DFX91
I tend to buy the same gear over and over. This is my second DFX91. I bought to replace the Boss pitch shift/delay. I needed the repeat hold function on the DFX91. I sold to Jason Sisk, I believe, when I got the DD-3.

Boss Phaser PH-1r
I bought this from Dan's to replace the Small Stone, which cuts volume. It also fits in the Boss tray better.

Tele Star Fuzz Wah
I bought from guitar show in Oct of '98 and paid too much for it. It is the fucking rocket launch, explosion eminiant, crazy uber-fuzz. I love it. I've been meaning to build a clone so I can take it out of the house!

Vox Tone Bender
I bought this in October of 1998, then I found the Telestar, the I sold the Vox in October 1998.

Boss Reverb RV-3
I bought this because I needed a digital reverb, and it fit in my Boss pedal tray. I sold it to Jon Harmon in 2000 when I moved. He got a good deal.

Boss Digital Delay DD-3
I bought this off ebay to have a digital delay that fit i the tray better. I sold it to Jon Harmon in 2000 when I moved. He got a good deal on this one, too.

Boss Analog Delay DM-2
I bought this from Dan's in Anderson for $50. Actually, I think Eric Shallop bought two from Dan's at the same day for $100, with one intended for me. I love Dan's music. I still use the DM-2 and totally love it.

Vox Valve Tone
This has great natural overdrive with Vox character. it's kind of like an AC30 meets a tubescreamer. Andy Carrell dug one up for me when he worked at MARS just after they ceased production. I'd been looking for one because I noticed they had just started getting rare, and I loved the tone. Since they has stopped production, MARS music has them at "blowout" price, $50. Still use regularly.

Boss DS-1 Distortion
This was the third one. I really can't remember why I bought this one. Oh yeah, this was when I began running a stereo rig with the Mesa and Laney. Since I was doing that, I couldn't use the Mesa Distortion and the modulation pedals in the effects loop, so I just got the good ol' DS-1 for my main distortion sound. It was sold in April 2000 over the net.

Guyatone Fuzz
I believe I bought this from a guitar show. Rude, fun fuzz. This was supposed to be the fuzz that sounded like the Telestar that I could take out of the house. It wasn't. Sold to someone, I don't remember who.

Line 6 Delay Modeler
This was a gift from Jaime for x-mas of 1999, and what a gift it was! Supreme pedal! I still use it, and I can't think of a time other than Cartographer (where I use no pedals) where I haven't used it. Okay, update, it's size has become too much. It's a great pedal, but I'm now only using it for recording. If I go all-out shoegaze, it will come out of hiding.

H&K Tube Rotosphere
I bought this from an online retailer in early 2000. It sounds amazing. After I got to California I found myself never using it. I was broke and needed money. It was sold online in 2001.

Tech 21 GT-2
I bought this in 2000 from Andy Carrell, I believe. I had finished restoring my Pro Reverb and I wanted a Marshally distortion to counterpoint the Fender clean. This didn't work so well, but it made a valiant effort. I currently use it in Replicator on bass.

Atlantic Fuzz Wah
I bought this on ebay for cheap because it looked cool. I sold through Craigslist. I sold it to Ian Miller, before I knew who Ian was.

Line 6 POD
I bought this around X-Mas of 2000. It's exacly what it is. Sold it in Dec 2006.

Ibanez TS-7 Tubescreamer
It was bought new at Guitar Center for $30. I modded it to 808 spec. The switch went flakey, so I gave it to Damon Larson.

Ross Distortion.
2001 - Feb 2010
I bought this in 2001 at Six Strings Down during trip to Indy. It seems like every trip to Indy I'd get something from SIx Strings Down. This is a great distortion. it's based on the MXR Dist+, but it has Germanium diodes and a JRC4558 op amp. I often use it. I've been thinking of building a clone so I could make mods without tweaking this one. Sold at the Gilman swap meet.

Proco Rat II
This was bought used from a guy in Alameda. See my above experiences with Rat pedals; it never found a home in my rig. It was sold to a guy through Craigslist.

Ibanez TS-5
I got this used for free. Gave to Andy Slopsema for free.

Electro Harmonix Micro Synth
This pedal has problems, so Mark Frischman gave it to me as is. I'm trying to sell it as is, if I can. Maybe I'll fix it up and keep it for cool points. Sold it AS-IS to Nathan Shaw.

Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde
I bought this new in November of 2004 from Rocker Guitars in SF. Red version. It's really a nice sounding pedal. It replaced the Valvetone and Ross in my pedal tray. Sold in early 2006 because I wasn't crazy about the Hyde circuit and the buttons were too close together.

Audiowerks Distortion
Weird, rare, and awesome hard rock sounding distortion. Someday I'll trace the circuit, clone it, sell it, and make a killing. Sold to Starving Musician in 2009.

Digitech PDS 1000 Digital Delay
Colin Frangos of Ovipositor gave me this in trade for amp repair in April of 2005. It's good to have around. It's a very crunchy old digital delay. The bypass kind of sucks. I traded this to the Yarrows in Late 2007 for the looper box.

Visual Sound Route 66
Bought this used from Teleman off Guitargeek in Dec 2006. It replaced the Valvetone in my pedal tray. Sold to Starving Musician. Original owner called and got it back!

Line 6 PODxt
An updated POD for home recording. Yay. A fun toy. Punch me if I start using it live.

Boss DD-3 Delay
Bought on Feb 18, 2007 from Bryan Sanborne. Sold on Feb 10th, 2008 at the next year's gear swap.

Boss SD-1 Overdrive
Bought from Starving Musician in mid 2007. Grean sound to price ratio.

No Name Dual Looper Box
Not really a pedal so much as a device for pedals. Got from the Yarrows for my PDS1000. Sold to Andrew Greenburg.

Crowther Bluesberry Hotcake
Bought broken from Mr. Sage at the Feb 10th, 2008 gear swap.

Analog Man Dual Looper Box
Tru bypass tonez. Sold Feb 2010 at the Gilman swap meet.

Rusty Box
March 2008 - current
Traynor TS-50B preamp in a pedal.

Tonefactor Mule
August 2008 - 2009. Got in trade.

BenAdrian Bunnydrive

T.C. Nova Delay
Bought from Yarrow flood sale.

Line 6 Verbzilla

BenAdrian Kowloon Walled Bunny

Line 6 M9

Amps & Cabs

Crate GX-15
This was my first amp, bought with the Telecaster in December of 1989. It was traded towards the Deluxe 85. I remember playing the earliest of Sunny Sea Heaven shows with this amp and my Roctek Flanger and Wah.

Fender Deluxe 85
This was my second amp. 65 watts, 1x12". Lauren from Sunny Sea Heaven had one, and I played it and liked it. It was used through the rest of pre-Brock Roller SSH. I sold it to Nathan Pyritz when I got a Stage 112 SE. I wouldn't mind finding one of these cheap and used for a bedroom practice amp. I remember a Sunny Seah Heaven show at Brebuf when both Lauren and I had Strats and Deluxe 85s. When miked through the PA, it sounded pretty nice. When Radiohead got big it was found out that Johnny Greenwood used one of these amps, and they became temporarily collectable.

Fender Stage 112 SE
This was basically a louder Deluxe 85. It also had a speaker out so I could run it with 4-12 cabinets. I got it from Brock's dad's friend who owned a music store. It got sold at guitartown via consignment.

Twin Cabinet.
This was a gutted fender Twin with nothing left but PYLE speakers, the most aptly names speakers ever made. If I remember correctly I got it at a guitar show. I sold it to Barry McCabe, who later sold it to Matt Southworth.

Traynor 4-12
This was bought with only two speakers from Berry's music for $75. Brock and I coverd the other two holes with 12" records. Nowadays, this would qualify as a "detuned cabinet". The speakers sucked, but I bet if you but good speakers in, it would have ruled. It later got sold to Dave Schalliol.

Marshall JCM 800 2204
I got this with the Fong 4-12 just after Lockstep formed, and Sunny Sea Heaven was dying out (Spring 1994). I remember playing the last Sunny Sea Heaven show with the Marshall, but the first Lockstep shows with the Stage 112SE. I got a STUPID good deal on this; $550 for head and battered cabinet. It sounded amazing, and seemed much louder than the 50 watt rating. The head got sold over the Net once I had the Valve FX and decided that I wanted uber-clean rack tones. I wish I still had this head.

Fong 4-12 cabinet
This was an early Wilfong cabinet, before he started Dr. Fong. It looked home-made and cheap, but it was actually really awesome. It had 65w Celestion speakers. It also had chicken wire as speaker grills. The cabinet got sawed in half to make two 2-12s for my Sunflower stereo rig. I sold a 2x12 to andrew in Sept '98 and the other speakers went to replace the crappy Sunn Speakers ina nicer Sunn 2-12 cab. The empty half of the Cabinet left at my old house.

ADA Mictrotube 200
I bought this from IRC in early '95 to use with the RP-1 and later, the Valve FX. ths replaced my JCM800!!!?!? I must have been legally insane or at least legally stupid when I did that. Once I went back to tube amps, this power amp became my utilitarian workhourse. Later, I would use it in my Early replicator bass rig. I sold it online after I got my 800rb.

Peavey Mark III
This was inherited in the Sunflower Conspiracy breakup. It was loud, clean, and totally lacked personality. Sold at Guitartown. Since I had a PA already, this was sodl at guitartown.

Yamaha T-100C 1-12 Combo
I bought this over the net and was super excited because it had a road case. It was a very metal sounding all tube 100 watt combo designed by Soldano. It sisn't sound that hot. I used it, blew it up in a dramatic failure with lots of smoke, fixed it, and sold it at Guitartown.

Fender Ultimate Chorus
It was bought from ex-member of Indy band Drywall. I used it for true stereno in a combo amp with my Valve FX in early Feedback Loop. That was a dumb idea. I replaced it when I got the Musicman head with a brief period of rack gear in there. I think I lost a bit of money from the buying and then the selling of this amp.

Sovtek 4-12 Cabinet.
This was bought from Andrew in late 1997. For a while I used two 4-14 cabinets for Feedback Loop; one on each side of the stage. It Sounded awesome, but it hurt my back. The cab was sold in early 1998 at Guitartown; too big, too heavy.

Musicman HD 100 Head
This was a "100 watt: tube head. While it was VERY loud, it only had two 6L6 tubes, which is impossible to make produce 100 watts. I used it in Feedback Loop until I stumbled across the Mesa. I sold te head to Asterisk and later Mr. DNA member Adam Brenner, who might still use it.

Musicman RD-65 210
Somewhere in the Feedback Loop years I got and sold a Musicman 2-10 combo. It was convenient and sounded great, but was a bit too midrangey for me at the time. I forget where it went.

Fender Silverface Pro Reverb late 1970s
I traded my first Jazzmaster to Guitartown for this amp. Wonderful amp, but it wasn't getting used at the time. I sold it at a guitar show in October 1998.

Mesa DC-5 Head
Shawn Delaney of Airiel sold me this amp in the late Summer of 1998 at my constant prodding. It made me re-look at guitar playing, and consequently, made me sell my Pro Reverb and Musicman head. This was a great amp for me, and I was biased against Mesa at the time. The only reason this was sold is because my Blackface Fender was finished with its restoration. I sold to Jason Sisk in April of 2000. He still has it.

Sunn 2-12
I bought this from Andy Carrell. I replaced the speakers with Celestions from the Dr. Fong cabinet. It sounded great and went with the Mesa Head. I traded the cab for Yamaha bass head at Six Strings Down.

Carvin 2-12
This was purchased from Guitarworks in Greenwood for cheap. I wanted an open back sound for the Mesa. The cabinet has tweeters installed because the former owner used it with acoustic guitar. I disconnected the tweaters, but I could hook them up for an instant Albini sound. I traded itin August 2000 toward the Yamaha bass head.

Fender Silverface Bassman 10
I bought this in the summer of 1999 for ridiculously cheap. It was $100 for a 50 watt, Silverface, all tube Fender 4-10 combo amp. I just couldn't pass up the deal. it was given to Andrew for his B-Day.

Laney VC-30 2-10
This was bought from Eric Shallop to have a clean, Vox-y amp. Little did I know then that the preamp shares more with a fender than an AC-30. I used it in stereo with the Mesa in Feedback Loop until Jon Harmon joined on Second guitar. I sold it to Jeff Z of the Sound list and MBV list when I got my Blackface Fender Pro Reverb.

Fender Silverface Champ 1969
This was bought at IRC from, you guessed it, Andy Carrell. I replaced the incorrect speaker with a Weber Siganture Series. I believe there was a car stereo speaker in the amp. I also retubed it, except for the rectifier. I changed it to blackface specs. Also, I put in higher cathode resistor for power tube. In 2004 I added a midrange pot with a tone stack bypass and a negative feedback loop defeat. I also built a speaker soak. This is such a fun amp.

Fender Blackface Pro Reverb 1966
I wanted a Blacface Fender with Reverb, especially after playing with Low and hearing Alan's Blackface Vibroverb. I couldn't afford one, though, so I just started reading about tube amps and learning and learning, hoping maybe I could build or modify something. I saw a poor condition Blackface Pro Reverb on the Daddy's Junky Musis online catalog. I knew a fair bit about amps byy then so I just bought it.

When I got it someone had cut a hole for a tweeter, put in crappy speakers, the tolex was thrashed, it had black grillcloth, and I believe a broken reverb. I got all new tubes, electrolitic capacitors, replaced a bunch of resistors, put in a new, 3 spring reverb tank, got two Weber California speakers, had new tolex and grillcloth put on, and just generally made it as original as possible (with the Weber speakers being better JBLs and with more reverb).

It sounded amazing, and still sounds amazing, and I'll keep it for the rest of my life.

Marshall DSL 2000
I got this in trade from Sergio Vega with him taking my Epiphone Casino. Rumour has it that it belonged to the guy from White Zombie. The clean was sterile, and the distortion seemed over processed. I used it for one show of a fake German metal band, and sold it.

Sovtek MIG 50 Head
I bought this for cheap to replace the Mesa and to have a tinker amp. The construction made it very hard to tinker effectively. Sold to Joel Delia.

Yamaha Bass Head
I got this bass head by trading two speaker cabinets at Six Strings Down. It was 100w and solid state. It sounded really good. I'm not sure why I got it other than the fact that it sounded nice, it was small, and I like having a full band's worth of gear as well as prefer to record bass miked. I gave it to Lela for her brithday after I got my 800RB.

1-15 Cabinet
I bought this cheap, no name 1-15 cab right after I moved to California, to pair up with the Yamaha head. I blew the speaker, kinda. It still worked so I gave the cabinet to Young Trade.

Harmony Tweed Deluxe Clone
I was really getting into tube amps, so I bought this in a non-working state and converted it to tweed deluxe clone. Young Trade used it on their recording and they loved it, so I sold to Chris Bolig.

1-15 Cabinet
Another no name 1-15, this time bought from Mike Marzio. I replaced the speaker with a 400w Carvin. It was sold to grady of Lower 48 when I got the 6-10.

GK 800 RB
I used this for a long time, but it didn't have much life to it and it was never quite loud enough. It was strange, it was sterile and clean, but didn't have enough headroom to have punch over Chris on drums. I could only get it to sound how I liked with a sans amp pedal. It was sold to some guy in the bay area with the 4-10.

Ampeg 4-10
I bought this from Charmless Bassist with a blown speaker. I fixed it and took it on tour. Sold it with my GK head.

This is a very loud and very clean power amp. I got it for my bass setup when I sold my 800RB. I was going to build a tube preamp but ended up using it with my POD until I got the IVP.

Intersound IVP
Solid state preamp used by such famous musicians as Steve Albini and the Grateful Dead. it's both very normal and very odd at the same time. I'm not sure how that works, but it does. I bought it off e-bay for $50 and had to add on a power cord and solder the input jacks.

Ampeg 6-10
I bought this from Lucas when he got an 8-10. It's pretty beat up now, but it sounds great! Traded to Scott Evans for two Mesa 1-15 cabs.

Marshall JCM 800 1-12 Combo
Ben Rosenberg had this amp and it was broken. I fixed it, and since he lived in an apartment, I hung onto it for about a year, using it occationally. It was basically the same as my JCM800 2204 head, so it was very nice having around. Ben reclaimed it in late 2004. I never actually OWNED this amp, but I was its legal guardian.

Traynor T-50 1-12" Combo
I bought this in Indy at Six Strings Down over Thanksgiving of 2003. It sounded disturbing and became my Cartographer amp. I sold it to Jarred Hand in May 2005.

Epiphone Valve Jr.
I bought this new in 2005. Sold in early 2010
I did some mods to reduce the noise, and new it's an awesome little 6 watt amp. It's sounds like what you would imagine a Vox Champ to sound like, if they ever made one.

Adrian Bass Preamp
This is a tube bass preamp I made. It's based on a Fender Blackface channel with the addition of a raw knob, a higher value midrange knob, and a master volume. It's awesome.

Adrian Tiny Teabag
The Adrian Tiny Teabag is an amp I built consisting of a high gain Marshall voiced preamp going into a 6 watt EL84 sinle-ended power amp. All of this is housed in a 1-10 combo. There is a switchable impedance and a post poweramp and output transformer line out.

Mesa 1-15 Bass Cabinet (x2)
The well known road-ready, Deitz clone, 1-15 cabinet. I got these in a trade for my 6-10 from Scott Evans.

Traynor YBA-1
Early 2010 - current
Mid 70s model. Bouight from Jeremy. Heavily modified by me. Main Cartographer amp.

Lee Jackson 4-12"
Early 2010 - current
bought from Jeremy


Early SSH
        Tele, Dunlop Wah, Roktek Flanger, Crate GX 15.

SSH Derrick and Simon days
        Tele, Deluxe 85, in loop Wah, Rocktek Flanger, DOD Delay

SSH Matt and Brock Days
        Tele, Stage 112se, in loop Wah, Classic Fuzz, DOD Flanger, DOD Delay,
        DOD Noise Gate

SSH Final Days
        Melody Maker, RP-1, Marshall

        Melody Maker, DS-1, DOD Phaser (sometimes), Marshall

Shallop, Adrian, Carney, McCafferty, and Southworth
        Tele, DS-1, DOD Phaser, RP-1, Trem/Pan, Marshall

Early Sunflower Conspiracy
        Jag, DS-1, DOD Phaser, RP-1, ADA, 4-12

Sunflower Conspiracy
        Jag, Valve FX, ADA, 2 2x12

Early Loop
        Jag, 335-12 string, DS-1, Trem/Pan, Left out, TS-5, RAT, Rotovibe,
        Analog Delay, Digital Delay, Yamaha Amp, right out, Valve FX,
        stereo in of Fender Ultimate Chorus

Mid loop (real drummer)
        Jag, 12 string, Valve FX, ADA, 2 2-12s or 2 4-12s

Loop (back to pedals)
	Jag, Ric, Analog Delay, TS-5, Boss Bass Overdrive, Chorus, Phaser,
	Trem/Pan, Delay, XP400 Reverb, Musicman Head, Fong 4-12

Later Kris Loop
        Jag, Ric, Analog Delay, TS-5, Fuzz Wah, Mesa, in loop, Chorus,
        Phaser, Trem/Pan, Digital Delay, Nanoverb, Sunn 2-12.

Later Kris Loop V2
	Jag, Ric, Analog Delay, Valvetone, DS-1, Chorus, Phaser, DD-3 
	Digital Delay, RV-3 Reverb, Trem/Pan, split Mesa, Sunn 2-12, 
	Laney VC-30.		

Andrew, Benjamin, David, Jonathon Loop (early)
        Tele, Ric, Anaog Delay, Valve tone, Tech 21, Rotosphere, Line 6,
        Laney VC-30 with 2-12 Carvin Cabinet.

Andrew, Benjamin, David, Jonathon Loop
        Tele, Ric, Anaog Delay, Valve tone, Tech 21, Rotosphere, Line 6,
        Fender Pro Reverb.

Cartographer Setup
        Tele or SG, Wireless, Traynor.

Current Standard Setup.
        Ric or Tele, Analog Delay, Vox Valvetone, Ross, Line 6 Delay, 
        Pro Reverb.

Guitar vs. Gravity Dec 2004
        Ric or Tele, DM-2 Analog Delay, Jekyll & Hyde, Line 6 Delay, 
        Fender Pro Reverb

Cartographer 2005
	Tele or Ric, wireless, tuner, Champ and Valve Jr.

GvsG Setup (back to the old favorites).
        Ric or Tele, Analog Delay, Vox Valvetone, Ross, Line 6 Delay,
        Pro Reverb.

GvsG early 2007
	Ric or Tele, Analog Delay, Route 66, DOD Malmsteen, Digitech Delay,
	Pro Reverb

GvsG 2009-2010
	Baja Tele and EGC, Hotcake, Analog Delay, Bunnydrive, Nova Delay, DL-4 Looper
	Pro Reverb