My name is Ben Adrian. I've been recording bands, artists, concerts, and events for over 9 years now. I quite enjoy it and have luckily ended up doing it for part of my income.

I began like most engineers. I wanted to record my band and other bands, so I bought an 8 track recorder, a mixing board, and some mics, and I recorded anyone who would buy me food and pay for my gas. This turned into an underknown recording studio in Indianapolis. In 2000 I packed up my gear and relocated to the San Francisco Bay area, where I recorded even more bands and my home studio became quite busy and took away all my weekends.

Since then I've began working at Mr. Toad's as a recording and mastering engineer. I prefer to work at Mr. Toad's studio, though I will go where the work takes me; other studios, your house, live recordings, etc.

I also have extensive electrical and tech knowledge. I'm comfortable setting up and tuning up guitar amps, tape machines, consoles, effects pedals, and various electronic audio devices.

I have no pets nor children.